3 keys to attract high end clients that will pay for your programs and services

If you are like most spirit-driven women coaches, consultants, therapist, or healers that love what they do but really want to attract clients that will pay for your high level programs/services. If you are questioning how to do this then check out the 3 keys that will help you.

3 keys to attract high end clients that will pay for your programs and services


  1. Invest in yourself – You can’t expect to attract high-end clients if you are not being
    a direct match to that money vibe. This means hiring a coach or getting into a high level group program.  I found myself struggling until I started doing this and I continue to invest even more for my business both on an outer and inner level.  If you’re desire is true then you need to step up and invest…period.  This means instead of doing all the freebie classes out there. These are good to a point but can’t possibly give you everything you need. The more I invest in my business the higher my fees are for my 1-1 coaching because I only want to work with those that are serious and my energy and time is very demanding.   If you don’t feel in alignment with that yourself then you need to really ask yourself if you are ready to attract high-end clients. It’s ok if you’re not but you must become what it is that you want to attract.
  2. Never set your fees based on the market-I know this goes against traditional thinking but if you are following me then you are not the norm..in fact you were probably drawn to me because you see how my thinking is different.  In my 7-step Money and Miracles Breakthrough program I show you how to set your fees not based on fear but what you would love to charge.   In fact once you use this formula you will find yourself attracting high end clients faster than you can imagine and they won’t tell you how expense you are because you have done both the inner and outer work.It’s not about you trying to get more money it’s about the ultimate goal you are helping your client with. For example I show my clients how to make a six figure income or more by following my step by step system.  By following it they will receive the outcome they desire and build from there.  What would that be worth? To me it’s priceless because you are actually saving time and money in the long run.
  3. Stop discounting and charging by the hour- Another mistake I see spirit-driven women coaches, consultants, therapists, and healers do is discounting sessions and still charging by the hour. When you discount your services you are really taking a huge piece of your self worth away. When your self worth goes down then your income will go down as a result. Additionally charging by the hour no matter what industry you do is another recipe for disaster.   In my 7 step Money and Miracles Breakthrough system I show you how to transform your dollars per hour into creating systems and packages.
    When you do this it will actually help your client progress faster with accountability and ongoing work.  As a result they will sign up with you again.  Even massage therapists can benefit from this model.

BONUS TIP: Bottom line, when you attract high-end clients you will attract better quality and reap the financial benefits. It’s spiritually rich experience for both of you.   Allow yourself to receive these clients!

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